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Industrial Safety

Statement on the policy of "Forma tech" LLC in the field of industrial safety

Policy in the field of industrial safety is the main part of "Forma tech" LLC industrial safety management system.

This Policy was developed in accordance with the "Requirements for Documentation Support of Industrial Safety Management Systems" approved by the RF Government Resolution dated 26.06.2013. No. 536.


Main objective: to ensure the required level of industrial safety at hazardous industrial facilities, at which  the risk of accidents and injuries at these facilities is minimal and which corresponds to the level of technology, as well as constant reduction of this risk.

This objective is achieved:

in the process of continuous systematic and targeted training of employees;

in the course of facilities inspection and industrial safety meetings;

in the course of planning and implementation of measures for improvement of technology,

by introduction of new equipment and targeted replacement of obsolete equipment.

Main obligations according to the statement on the policy of "Forma tech" LLC in the field of industrial safety are:

Compliance with the requirements of the Federal Laws, and the normative acts of the President of the Russian Federation adopted in accordance with them,  normative and legal acts of the Government of the Russian Federation, as well as Federal standarts in the field of industrial safety;

Licensing of activities in the field of industrial safety;

Industrial safety expertise;

Ensuring  staffing level of hazardous production facilities in accordance with established requirements;

Permission to work on hazardous production facilities for persons who meet the relevant qualification requirements and do not have medical

contraindications to the work;

Training and certification of workers in the field of industrial safety;

Organization and implementation of control over compliance with industrial safety requirements;

Ensuring the availability and proper operation of necessary instruments and production processes control systems;

Insurance of liability for damage resulting from operation of hazardous production facilities;

Implementation of measures for localization of and liquidation of consequences of accidents at hazardous production facilities;

Control over timely performance of necessary tests and inspections of technical devices used at hazardous production facilities, repair and verification of monitoring means of measurement, increase of reliability and stability of energy-saving systems of facilities;

Recognition and ensuring the priority of life and health of employees with respect to the results of its production activity after hazard identification and risk assessment;

Establishment of unified regulatory requirements for industrial safety for structural divisions of the enterprise and its service departments  regardless of the nature of production activities;

Unified management of compliance with industrial safety requirements established by federal laws and other regulatory legal acts;

Comprehensive industrial safety problems solving through preparation and implementation of priority and long-term programs and activities aimed at improving sustainability of hazardous production facilities operation, prevention of accidents and injuries, increasing personnel readiness to act in emergency situations;

Control over compliance with the requirements of process discipline;

Analysis of the state of industrial safety and production control at the level of production units and the enterprise as a whole, organization of relevant examinations if necessary;

Informing employees about the state of industrial safety at their workplace, about measures taken to improve industrial safety;

Implementation of necessary measures to ensure preservation of life and health of employees in the event of occurrence and elimination of emergency situations, incl. to provide first aid to victims, their treatment and rehabilitation;

High use of the prevention principle as a risk management strategy.

One of the directions of the "Forma tech" LLC policy  in the field of industrial safety is the obligation to perform consultations with employees of hazardous production facilities for industrial safety.  Meetings at the level of brigades, shifts, engineers and technical workers of the production units and at the level of first managers of the enterprise on the formation of an implementation plan of production control.

Obligations of "Forma tech" LLC to improve the industrial safety management system are achieved through regular planning and performing of industrial safety tasks, analysis of activities in the field of industrial safety. Each identified problem is considered as an opportunity to improve the industrial safety management system.

Management of the enterprise is responsible for proper implementation of this Policy.

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