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Aluminum ingots

One of the "Form Tech" company activity areas is the production of aluminum ingots in a wide range.



GOST 11069-2001. Primary aluminum

А0, А5, А5Е, А6

GOST 4784-97. Aluminum and deformable aluminum alloys. Grades

AD0, AD1, AMts, AMgl, AMg2, AMg3, AMg4,0, AMg5, AMg6, AD31, AD35

GOST 1583-93. Aluminum casting alloys. Specifications

AK12, AK9, AK7, AK7pch, AK5M2, AK8M3, AK9M2, AK8M3, AK8M3ch, AK12M2, AK12MMgN, AK12M2MgN, AMg10, AMg7

GOST 295-98. Aluminum for deoxidation, production of ferroalloys and aluminothermy. Specifications

AV97, AV91, AV87

At the request of the customer, we can produce ingots with:

Description and field of application

Aluminum ingot is product in the form of a bar with an above narrowing. It is produced using molding in a horizontal position through an open top.

Process of ingots production takes place on modern high-tech equipment, the melt is purified, which excludes the presence of slag formations in the finished ingot and allows to obtain high quality products. Weight of produced ingot is 7.5-8.5 kg.

Ingots of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy after special processing are used in the production of pipes, sheets, hexagon drives and other rolled products. Rolled metal is used for manufacturing of building structures, building materials and for other purposes.

Aluminum ingots are widely used in construction, shipbuilding, aircraft industry, electrical industry, automotive and food industries, as well as in other areas.

Our company offers to supply aluminum alloys in the form of ingots from the warehouse in Moscow. The products are manufactured in accordance with GOST. Weight of the pack is 300-1000 kg. Each ingot can be marked with the melting number. On the ingots of the upper row, the following information can be painted: grade of alloy, melting number, number of ingots and net weight of the pack, excluding package weight. When shipment, the buyer receives quality certificate, which indicates details of supplier, recipient, net and gross weigh,  chemical composition for each of the packages. Delivery note is also issued. If the buyer needs additional documents, our employees will help with their provision at the time of shipment. Cooperation with our company is a guarantee of obtaining high-quality products at affordable prices. We are always ready for mutually beneficial cooperation!

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